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Meri Kuri Minna~ !!!!

Merry Christmas!

It's only 12:30 pm here in Trinidad, and to be honest I haven't really done anything so far for the day lol. But I am happy ^_^ Got a couple unxpected gifts, little things but it really is the thought that counts. It feels nice to think that people actually remember to get you something, especially when you know you're like, the most forgetful person on the planet. And very very broke. Lol, but I'm really happy about it so far. I'm listening to Hey!Say!7's song "Tada Mae E" on repeat and it's just making me even happier. Somehow, even though Christmas isn't all special feeling like it was when I was a kid, I manage to make it something special just for me, in a different way. Just small things. Just by putting up the Christmas lights in my room or somewhere in the house (I put them up inside cause I love to see them so much) I manage to put myself in a great mood. So to those who aren't feeling it this holiday, it's because you have to create that mood within yourself. It's like they say, happiness really comes from within. Can't expect a gift or something to make you happy and keep you happy; you have to do that yourself. All by myself again, just me and my bestie (my computer lol) but I feel good. I'm super grateful to be alive today, and to be able to say that I can see this day. Recently a couple of people in my area have passed away, and I know there are some people who aren't having as great a holiday today. I really hope though that things get better for everyone and for those who have lost loved ones during this time, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Anyway, I don't really have much else to say, aside from the fact that I'm grateful. Grateful to my family for continually putting up with me and loving me, to my friends who also do the same especially since I know I haven't been a great friend as of late, and also to God for continually keeping me even up until now. I've neglected Him so many times and he continues to show Himself in my life (dude so far this semester I've gotten all A's! If that's not God then IDK what else it could possibly be, cause man was this semester tough). Thanking Jesus for giving us this wonderful season (yea yea I know people say all about it being a Pagan holiday and whatever but let's not get complicated lol), and I'm just gonna chill for now, the way that I do. Gonna go on a Christmas Johnny's hunt for old and recent Christmas videos from them. Can't wait for this year's countdown!!! I was so upset there wasn't one last year, I was really looking forward to it. But there's one this time!! I'll see if I can get myself a bottle of that cheapy bubbly non-alcoholic champagne/wine (idk which it is) and get a glass and some popcorn and feel special about myself.
Well. everyone make sure u have a very Merry Christmas! ^_^ I'm gonna get back to enjoying mine. <3
It's so close to Christmas! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas! I love the lights and the music and the festivities and the FOOD and just the entire Christmas feeling! And most of all I love that I get a break from school lol XD
This semester has been sooo tough it's insane. Honestly it wasn't too difficult at the beginning of the semester because it was just quizzes and tests and a few assignments. But you know how it really gets tough near the end of the semester, when all that stuff gets piled on along with the projects and the presentations and the group work! I was so stressed.

Anyway since I've gotten back into the HSJ/Janizu fandom again, I've been kind of distracted. Actually I've always been distracted lol it's just that now, HSJ makes up a significant part of it again. I don't think I've ever been NOT distracted by something or other lolz. And I've been watching a lot of HSJ stuff from last year Christmas that I didn't see yet. I was still largely in the fandom around Christmas last year (obviously my hiatus didn't last very long...it's like I can't really stay away from Johnny's for an extended period of time. I just wasn't really on LiveJournal for a long time, but I was still a fan) because I remember being sooo excited to see the Ride With Me PV, and I was not disappointed! It was amazing! And it's still probably one of my favourite PV's from them. I love the message; it's so inspiring.  ​​But yea, now I'm all distracted by the Christmas stuff and Johnny's and I haven't studied yet for my exam. I will though, it'll be fine.

Are Johnny's gonna have a Countdown this year? I don't know if they are...I was really sad they didn't have one last year...or at least that they didn't broadcast it, I was sooo looking forward to that. Anyway, I think I saw something saying they would this year but that we're supposed to vote on which groups take part?? OMG IF THEY BROADCAST AND HSJ ISN'T THERE I'M GONNA BE SO DONE. Watching the Countdown has become like New Year's tradition for me. So if they aren't there I'll be sad :(  Anyway, I'm super looking forward to Christmas. I'm waiting till the end of that last exam I have to start cleaning up the house and decorating and all that stuff to really get in the mood, and just be able to chill with a lot of tea and probably some books, some anime and manga, dramas and my Johnny's and get ready to welcome the New Year.

Wow. Talk About Hisashiburi!

I haven't been here on Livejournal in a longgggg time. Last time I posted an entry I was what...17? Now I'm 21!
I continued being a fan but I haven't been posting here or anything. And I stopped looking up Johnny's stuff around last year?
Life has been going INSANE and I'm just starting to get back into the Johnny's fandom. Before I was way out of control with it, super obsessed. Now I think (or I hope) that i can control it more. I've been going through some tough stuff (university, you know) and I hope that my Johnny's family can help me out a bit with all the craziness. I'm remembering how happy looking at Hey! Say! JUMP videos and just hoping the best for the boys from so far away used to make me, and I hope it can help me again. I've really missed being a good fan and talking to my fellow Johnny's fans and family, so I hope you all welcome me back! I've got a lot of updating to do. I've missed out soo much! I can't believe how many new JUMP songs I don't know! I ashamedd.....

Anyway, I saw the PV for AinoArika and was so happy watching it and remembered how happy all of this used to make me. And now I'm looking forward to seeing what new is going on in the fandom and with the boys and everything. I hope I can begin to talk to some of you guys again! I've missed so much, we have a lot to discuss!  :)

Anyway, hoping things are good with everyone. And I hope that I can make a lot of new friends this time around! ^_^
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, ne!
So..I'm leaving the U.S. in a week. Yeah, bye bye Miami. I've known for a while, 2 months exactly. But we're been so busy getting ready to leave, and then I've been so busy dreading leaving that I haven't been able to work on my fanfic... :( but as soon as I have more time, I intend to finish it up. I really have no idea when that's gonna happen...Read more...Collapse )

Why is he in my Dreams?

 Okeeee, hello hello, this isn't really much of an HSJ post :) I just wanted to share a little something, having to do with my dreams. I'm in a very confused area right now in my who-is-your-ichiban thingy. I've been saying Yamada Ryosuke for the past year and a half, but right now...i really don't know. It's not that I don't love him anymore, I do, i always will. Yamada was the reason I became a JUMP fan at all, and I will always like him...demo, its really weird but almost every night now for the past month, I've been having dreams that ALL INCLUDE NAKAJIMA YUTO. I'm so confused. Yamada is and always will be my ichigo-face but I've been noticing more about Nakajima. I've only been a fan for a little more than a year, so I'm not used to this XD I can't really remember all my dreams right now, but I do remember one...

Okay so here's what happened. 

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Umm, okay, it seems that Ryu-chan is going to be suspended for five months? To be as honest as possible, I will admit that I am actually okay with that.
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Well, i think that by now the entire JUMP fandom (and perhaps the entire Johnny's fandom as well) has heard the news that Morimoto Ryutaro has smoked. I may have been one of the very last people to find out, cause i had just gotten home from hanging out with my friends and went to facebook, and i saw the headline of his smoking. At first, it took me a while to...you know, establish this in my head. And yes, my initial reaction was I'm sure, the same as many other fans. My chest got tight, and I found it difficult to breathe for a bit. Also, i had to hold back tears, when i heard about the suspension from activities, and all the other stuff going around. But now that I've calmed down and collected my thoughts, I finally know what I'd like to say, and here it is.
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Read more...Collapse )Read more...Collapse )"YAMA-CHAN! YAMA-CHAN DAIJOUBU??" Chinen screamed, but Yamada was on the floor, and couldn't get up on his own. 

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I'm gonna try to write a fanfiction. I don't know, i've been reading a lot of them lately and i think i wanna try. Of course, I'll start with a one shot, of course. i'm not sure yet what the plot is, but it seems like it would be a lot of fun :) Thanks for inspiring me, all my fanfiction-writing friends. Now, to come up with a topic XD


JUMP fans, are you there?

I was just thinking, well since we're all JUMP fans here, i'm wondering about other fans of course. i care not only about JUMP but also about the other fans out there that love them as well, so if it doesn't bother you, i wanted to just ask a few JUMP related things, so i could find out more about others, and maybe meet more people with the same interests as me when it comes to JUMP. Is that okay, minna? if it's not then u dnt have to comment :) i'm fine with it.
Really all i wanna know is who your ichiban is and what do you like or dislike about them.
Oh and maybe what country you're from, so I can know, are there any other fans in my area?! i doubt it though.
Mine is Yamada :) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE his dancing, singing, his dorkiness and how he can easily become kakkoi when he wants to, and also how he can be so shy :)  just everything! What i don't like? the same thing he doesn't like, his height!.i wish he were taller, i'm already taller than him! I love that he's muscle training though (his forearms are like uwaahhhhhh!!! yet he has such a kawaii face!!!) oh, and i wish he'd learn english instead of Korean....but, if studying Korean makes him happy then, i guess i'm also happy :)
But even though Yamada is my ichiban, i love all the JUMP members, i just think him to be special cause he was my first ichiban ever, so i dnt think i could ever forget him, even if i get a new ichiban:) which right now, i dont think i will XD
Oh, and i live in the U.S., in Florida. It's soo difficult to find another HSJ fan here!! There's like no one!
So...comment if u wanna :) just hoping to find a friend in this giant fandom world!